Mall Spirituality

I have to confess that it was hypocritical of me for rejecting the idea of attending church in the mall.  I’ve always thought malls were not an appropriate place to hold mass, much more build a chapel, both an adoration and Eucharistic one. 

In the past, a friend has told me that the Catholic religion was all for convenience.  Catholics will bend the laws stated in the Bible and justify it accordingly for comfort and suitability.  To call upon members of the church, the Catholic church leaders has allowed some inappropriateness in the practices.  If they weren’t bending the rules, I doubt if there will be anyone interested in being Catholic at all. 

In the back of my mind, I thought that the Lord would prefer a few true followers of His word instead of a thousands who hears but does not listen at all.  Hence, I understand why other religious sects has always something against the Catholics. 

But then for the past two Sundays, I have been attending mass in the mall, particularly SM Megamall.  Yes, it was for convenience in my part.  I’ve always been going to Santa Clara Parish in Katipunan in the past years but eversince I have moved out and lived on my own, I have to find another way to attend mass without additional effort and fuel spent since I’m already destitute as it is. 

After attending the mass in the mall, I have to say that the solemnity has not lessened at all.  In fact, I noticed that the attendees of the mass were attentive than those attending in the traditional churches around the metro.  I have found that the inappropriateness of building a church in the midst of peddlers was only something you see from the outside.  But when you get involved in the “practice”, it is not so. 

Now I realize that the Lord is within us whenever and where ever we are as long as we allow Him to be.  If we are sincerely gathered in His name, there He is in our midst.  It doesn’t matter how I saw the practice of attending mass in the mall before because now, appropriateness is insignificant in comparison with the spiritual satisfaction you allow yourself to receive.

People waiting to get in for the next scheduled mass

People off somewhere else after the mass


3 Responses to “Mall Spirituality”

  1. I’m not sold to the idea of hearing mass in malls too. But in Megamall, they really provided a facility far from the noisy and busy halls on the actual mall so it’s okay.

  2. i still haven’t done it yet, i guess i’m not open to this idea. i just think it won’t work for me since i’ll be too distracted to concentrate. but that’s just me! =)

  3. I am still somewhat amused and uncomfortable at the idea of Mass inside the mall (used to have them here too, I think) but I quite agree with you that “the Lord is within us whenever and where ever we are as long as we allow Him to be”. This is also why I prefer going to church when there’s no Mass, the solemnity is so much less when there are lots of people (Mass-goers) around and I just find myself getting distracted when I see weird clothes, bad hair and the like. Lalo lang ako nagkakasala. Haha.

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