Gushing Over St.Francis Square

As a first-time visitor of St.Francis Square along Julia Vargas avenue, I found a nearby version of Divisoria and Greenhills. Although there are fewer stalls, the items, both shoes and clothing, are comparable and may surpass those of the other “tiangges” (bargain market).

The price range of asian-branded clothing ranges from Php200 to Php300. Not bad at all considering the textile they used for the clothes. Almost all of the items came from Bangkok as the lady vendors claim them to be. They range from party clothes to everyday wear to office wear.

The price range for shoes are mostly Php 150 to 300. I still can’t attest how durable the shoes are in comparison to the branded ones we can get in the local malls. If you’re going for a collection of colors of the same style of shoes, you may want to get it from St.Francis Square. The one thing that caught my attention was the high-heeled shiny pumps in one of the stall. I only found a black pair. I may not have looked closer. There may be some other color available somewhere in the building.

“Tiangge”-lover should be able to go to Bangkok at least once in their lives. It was one whole “tiangge” city. There are so many clothing markets that somehow a shopper can get saturated. And when they do, it’s hard to identify which ones are a good buy and which ones aren’t. There may be times when a shopper, after rummaging their shopping bags in the hotel room after a long day of shopping spree, may wonder why a certain clothing caught their attention in the first place. Trust the “tiangge” owners in Manila who has sifted all the clothes in Bangkok and who has brought within a Filipina shopper’s reach all the fine clothing that is worth buying.

Everything was eye-candy in St.Francis Square considering that yours truly aren’t really into clothes. Magazines about clothes doesn’t even interest me. Browsing the actual items in the malls helps make me formulate a much better assessment. After frequenting department stores, Zara, Promod, Iora and, the latest, Forever 21, I can attest that the clothes in “tiangges” like that of St.Francis Square deserves a well-known brand of their own. But good for us who look for budget-worthy clothes, they aren’t branded; they don’t cost that much; and haggling is even allowed.

The only unfortunate thing was that almost nothing fits a pregnant woman like me. I wasn’t planning of shopping yesterday and was just out of the house for my weekend long cardio workout in air-conditioned places like the mall. As I walked from stall to stall in St.Francis Square, I firmly resolved to myself that I’m going to get my weight (and figure) back and will return to buy the type of clothes and shoes I missed wearing.



One Response to “Gushing Over St.Francis Square”

  1. Thanks for your post. I’ve been wondering for so long how much of a “tiangge” St. Francis Square is. I frequent Divisoria, but I usually end up buying clothes in malls because the quality of clothes and shoes in Divisoria are not too good. Next time we go in Ortigas, I’ll check out St. Francis Square to look for some bargains. Hope I’ll find a great buy. 🙂

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