Corn and Potato

Potato and corn are my two ultimate favorite vegetables in the whole world.  I grew up trying to avoid anything that is healthy a.k.a. leafy and green.  No one has to persuade me to eat potato and corn, though.

I’ve always thought there’s no need to buy and cook vegetables since we’re already drinking the complete set of vitamins and minerals out of capsules or tablets.  I knew it was ignorance and preference of taste in my part when I was trying to reason to adults who knew better. 

When I finally had the chance to feed myself during post-grad days with the food that I prefer eating, I almost had junk food throughout the day.  It was my chance to break free from the usual rice meals served at home or at the dorm.  Breakfast was almost always ice cold coffee and potato chips that I bring with me during my rounds.  Lunch was most probably something fried.  Dinner was mostly out of the fastfood nearby. On special days, we had something grilled.  Well-prepared vegetables were almost non-existent during the weekdays.  On weekends, I get servings of the leafy greens when I go home.  Other than that, I have to rely on the multivitamin tablets and cans of ready-to-drink Ensure, vanilla-flavored – for my daily dose of vitamins and minerals. I had exactly one year eating like this and I was never absent and never sick at that time.   

My love for anything made out of potato and corn may be because of the convenient food products made out of these two vegetables.  Buttered and salted corn on the cob (or these days, it’s in a cup), instant corn soup, corn chips, french or country fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips are only some of the preparations we can enjoy.  

It’s different these days.  I crave for vegetables in my diet.  After reading all types of diseases we can all get from almost all-meat dishes and oily snack, it’s enough for me not to take another bite of the juicy, savory and delicious processed food stuff.  Today, I was craving for turon otherwise known as banana fritters.  Since turon was not available, I have to settle for other alternatives.  I got something as healthy as bananas.  I got my serving of potato and corn today in the form of Tortillos corn snack and Roller Coaster potato rings. 

My Corn and Potato serving of the day

I’m not supposed to eat junk food these days.  I still have three months of junk-free diet.  But I just couldn’t help myself when I saw the solo packs of Jack and Jill junk.  After I’m through with this cup of instant veggies, I felt that a reflux is impending any minute after that.  Good thing, I drank 500ml water in total while I ate this small serving of my vegetable.  It probably neutralize the acid that could have given me the heartburn I’m supposed to have.


8 Responses to “Corn and Potato”

  1. I share your love for junk food sis! I’m really having a hard time letting go of my favorite chips – I want to drastically lessen my intake because I know they’re not good for the health. Kaya lang sometimes, the cravings get so intense for me hahaha 😀

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Ay naku sis, paglabas ni baby, pwede na uli ako kumain ng favorite chips ko. Kahit instant noodles, I miss na din. Sobra si Sharon Cuneta pag nakikita ko sa TV. Parang gusto ko din kumagat dun sa noodle cup. Sarap talaga ng instant.

  2. I love junk foods, too (Clover Chips, Piknik, Mr. Chips and recent addiction, Marty’s). But whenever I had too much of them, I feel something weird, like my body is reacting negatively to too much salt. With Marty’s, I feel my heart is pounding, faster and louder, impending my breathing. Magkakasakit pa ata ako sa puso sa kakakain ng mga junk foods na ito. Hehe.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Oh my. it’s too bad you can’t enjoy junk foods without having to think about the side effects. Bagay sayo corn flakes na lang heheh! pero okay din yung cereals gawing munchies when you’re craving. Yan gawain ko din dati.

  3. Hahaha, naku sis paglabas ng baby mo extra happiness – you’ll see your little angel na, makakain ka na din ng junk food without too much worries 😀

  4. JUNK FOOD! I love junk food, I literally eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sometimes, midnight snack. Haha.

  5. I was never a junk food addict… but like you I wasn’t very good in eating veggies till I moved to Viet Nam 😛 my housemate was such a good cook, plus we were trying to save money and veggies here are quite cheap and of good quality.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Oh man vietnamese food is so good. Well, I get to try it in pho hoa only 🙂 but still, gave me idea how good they are 🙂

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