Living in a Routine

Ever since I moved in our apartment, I have been living a life of routine.  I wake up as soon as he wakes up – and that is around 5:30am – as he gets ready to go to work.  He buys our pandesal while I heat water for his coffee and my cereal drink.

I went with him one time to buy the pandesal which was just a block away.  I thought he was buying it at a bakery.  I found out he was buying it from a lady who set up a seat in front of her home and placed a big box of freshly-baked pandesal.  I knew it was freshly-baked because the bread was lightly toasted and soft in my hands.  I was taught not to buy toasted pandesal because the bread might have been reheated over and over again.

As soon as the bag of pandesal is placed on our small dining table, I take out the soft cheddar cheese out of the fridge and start slicing it up and placing them in the pandesal while they were still warm.  It was a very satisfying breakfast, if you ask me.

Since I grew up with a cup of coffee in hand, I always ask him if I could drink coffee every now and then.  We go through my usual bargaining for half a cup of coffee.  He sometimes says “yes” and sometimes says “no”.  We both know I shouldn’t be drinking caffeine until after three or four months.

Thank goodness for early morning shows like “Umagang Kay Ganda” or “Unang Hirit” that start as early as 5:00AM.  I was able to watch television during breakfast and while I wait for him to leave for work.  The local morning shows are the only ones I appreciate on local tv.  Beside providing news from the previous night or early morning, it provides other information (some may be trivial and some are not) about people, places, food, politics, money, homes, fashion and even astrology forecasts.  They were the ultimate TV magazine.

So, after he leaves and me left behind, I do my usual chores.  These include making the bed, sweeping the floor, washing the dishes and filling up our drinking water in the fridge.  After which, I take my bath.  And now comes my favorite part of the day, reading my book and playing with the computer at the same time.  I have limited internet usage at the moment.  More reason, to finish my book before the baby comes.  Or else, I don’t have anything to show for after the pregnancy.  Well, of course, there is the baby. But I wanted to finish my “school” book before pregnancy ends.

He comes home for lunch and then takes a short nap before leaving again for work.  He’s the one who cooks and wash our clothes.  Before he leaves for work, clothes are already hanging to dry under the sun.  He is a freelancer and has control of his working hours somehow.

Before he comes home at night, he expects that I already cook rice for dinner.  That is the only food he trusts me with.  Between the two of us, I can’t cook anything else.  He might as well cook our meals or else, we might be wasting a lot of ingredients.  It’s safe to say that he is a good cook.  From my usual one cup of rice, I’m now able to finish two or three more servings of rice.

We go to bed really early with the thought of the early mornings.  I was used to sleeping past midnight but once I moved in, I didn’t mind sleeping around 9pm.  While he takes his shower, I wash the dishes.  And I take my turn in the bathroom after he’s done.

And our day ends talking until we fall asleep.  I think there was this one time that he was still talking while  I was already starting to snooze.  He told me that I was also snoring a couple of times.  Funny.  No one complained of me snoring before.  People often complain that I talk in my sleep.  With him by my side, I’d rather be snoring than talking in my sleep.


2 Responses to “Living in a Routine”

  1. I really admire your courage sis…the decision to go through with everything in your life now must have been hard, but still you handled it with grace and determination. I’m sure you’ll be a great mom!!! 🙂

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Thanks for the kind words sis My almost-husband is making it so much easier for me. I just feel I’ve got nothing to lose when I made this decision. Thanks again.

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