Parents and Their Children

For me, parents should have raised their kids right.  Parents should not only provide the material things that are necessary to nourish the child’s body.  It is more important to nourish their mind to develop them with wide and unobstructed perception of himself and the world that he belongs to.  That is the main role of a parent to whom God entrusted His child.

Once the child comes of age, parents should be confident to let their child think for themselves.  It’s not right that parents should impose whatever they want to their children.  They are not allowing their children to grow.  We understand that parents would like their children to live a life they thought would be best for them.  We also understand that children cannot live their life if they are not allowed to choose their own directions in life.

I have parents who don’t trust my decisions.  They find a way to make me do the things that I don’t want to do.  In our house, they are the only ones who have the say about everything.  This is the reason why I don’t see our house as my own home.  Everything that’s in there is my parents’.  This is actually good since I aspire to have my own someday.  But the thing is, they don’t allow me to think for myself.  Everything about me should always be about them.  And here is where the “Anak lang kita” concept fits.  It’s like I’m a possession when I’m really not.  They see me as one of their hired servants who has to please them all the time instead of chasing after my whims.

I don’t mind showing respect to the elders especially our parents.  But doing their every bidding is not respect.  It becomes an obligation.  Respect comes out of love.  Obligation is just an empty act of duty.


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