Sleepless and Losing Weight

Ever since I came to the States, I’m having trouble sleeping.  This has been going on for four days already.  End result is lightheadedness and tolerable headache.  I was able to sleep at 3am awhile ago and now it’s 7:30am.  This was relatively better than the other night when I was able to sleep at 5am and woke up at 11am.  The first 2 nights was terrible.  I was even waiting for the sun to come up.  We came from the other side of the world and I’m really having a hard time dealing with the time difference. 

I was told that if I keep this up, I’m going to have a lot of discomfort during my labor.  I’m 18weeks pregnant, by the way. 

The other thing that worries me is that I lost 2 lbs yesterday and haven’t gained it yet.  I’ve been eating a lot until yesterday when I was told that I’m going to have a big baby if I don’t watch what I eat.  I’ve been craving for sweets and now I’m trying to avoid them.  But I’m still looking for my two pounds. 

I just hope my baby is not having a hard time with these. I do hope she or he is just sleeping comfortable down there and getting all the nutrients that he or she needs. 

This pregnancy has gotten me so paranoid.  All I do is worry.  My husband who I left in my home country sent me a message not to worry that much because it may be bad for the baby. Only if he was here, then I would know everything will be alright.


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