Morning In The Office

I’m in the office for the past one and a half hour. And the first document that they placed on my desk for approval made my blood pressure rise just a little. The document was made ready two days ago. And I’m only signing it now. It was a check for the social security of the company staff. And as I sign it right now, it would seem that I’ve been holding the check for the past two days. This is not good. I don’t want to be the guy who put on hold the staff’s benefit. If payment to the goverment office was delayed, it would look that I was at fault. I approached the one responsible and told her that this should not happen again. The problem is this woman does not really comply with the deadlines I set up just so we wouldn’t be delayed in paying our company bills. Other staff has been complaining about this certain staff and I wonder why she still isn’t fired.

In this country, you can’t just fire people left and right even if they deserve to get terminated already. The goverment will question the company for doing so and worse, ask the company to pay the delinquent employee.

I’ve been to DOLE or Department of Labor and Employment to observe some kind of mediation between the company representative and a begrudged employee who was terminated because of theft. While waiting, I overheard the ongoing meetings preceeding our scheduled meeting. The attorneys are trying to explain the rights of the employer to terminate. But these type of employees were there to complain. The gall! The face! They do something against the law and they think they have the right to complain and ask for more money. Tsk!

Employers should have lawyers at hand to put these people in jail and not just put them out of work.

The company has been humane in treating their terminated employees. It allows these type of employees until they can pay off what they stole before actually terminating them. If it was another company, they would sue these employees and demand the money back plus damages they incurred after tarnishing the reputation of the company.

Back to my incompetent fellow staff. I heard she was going to file resignation soon. I do hope we could get an employee who could do better.


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