Al Gore’s documentary “The Inconvenient Truth” has been the basis of my sense of impending doom.  The thought of continents underwater scares the heck out of me.

Some of our mountains in this country was found to have seashells on its peak areas.  It has been one of the proofs that this country was underwater long ago.  Makes me think that a long period of low tide allowed our country to appear on the map.

It is frightening to think that the icebergs that is melting faster than expected would eventually drown the land I’m standing on.  The blame is on global warming increasing the temperature on the Earth’s atmosphere that could melt ice caps and boulders of ice.

Due to abuse of the Earth’s resources for hundreds of years, we might not live for another hundred.  The documentary stated that in 50 years, 2/3 of the world’s land will be underwater.

After the latest 2 storms, Ondoy and Pepeng, that hit this country, both happening within 2 weeks time has left so much destruction by producing the heaviest rainfall this country has ever recorded.  And of course, the aftermath has left most to look for someone or something to blame.

They’ve been blaming politicians, the engineers that helped create the flood ways, the squatters who clogged the flood ways with their by-products, the global warming and so much more.  The one cause that they’re pointing out to be a major reason why the great flood had to happen in their lifetime is the abuse of the resources, particularly of this country, due to overpopulation.

Presidential elections is just around the corner and last October 6, 2009, after the Ondoy and Pepeng typhoons, many questions,  during a speaking engagement with some of the candidates, were raised regarding the support of all the victims of these two typhoons that also led to the environmental discussions.

People have been pointing out that the current administration is deficient in addressing the overpopulation.  Some of the citizens’ only answer to overpopulation is to allow practice of abortion.  One candidate did not see it as a problem.  He saw each man of this country as an asset only if the administration knew how to harness it.

It has been a perpetual debate over the control of the consuming population that continuously depletes this country’s resources.  Many countries addressed this by imposing laws that limit the number of children each couple could produce.  Some uses the “freedom of choice” banner to eliminate unwanted unborn children conveniently – in which I derive the “freedom for convenience” purpose of it all.

Most solutions that have been presented are ways to eliminate as if we have the right to choose who lives and who should not.  They see those who occupy the space next to them as someone who doesn’t deserve to be there at all.  They see squatters as the ultimate eyesore and cancer of the society that keeps growing and growing.  The poor can do nothing but be those who abuse the land they live in, the water they excrete in and the air they sneeze into because they have not been taught to do otherwise.

I just wonder why the poor who should have been known to be powerless and helpless are so hard to eliminate from the areas that is potentially in danger.  They might not be helpless at all as what they seem to be.  Their potential for growth might not only be limited to their number but to their capacity for manpower.

Why see them as waste of space when they could be of use to themselves, to their community and to their country?  It’s not the number of the population that is the main problem but the quality of people we bring into life.

Man has always been the cause of all kinds of destruction.  I don’t think there’s any being alive on earth that has been wreaking havoc as much as man have done.  This makes it a valid reason why man should be banished from the face of the Earth.  But it is not reasonable to think about someone to be less deserving for life.  No soul is better than the other to be able to judge as God only could.

Sure, our neighbors caused a lot of damage that we will be suffering in the future.  But so did we.  Then why not eliminate our own sinful beings?  Why suggest to take someone’s life, especially those of who have done nothing wrong – the unborn.

Our number reaches to billions and each one consumes and pollutes this Earth every minute we build an appetite for convenience and excessive living.  The truth is the number is insignificant and doesn’t really contribute to the end of life but the lack of conscientiousness of the billions of people.

We may putting the Mother Earth to her knees right now – pulling trees of her scalp, drilling our homes on her chest, leaving our dirty tracks on her bloodstream and stomping on her very soul when what we create is more pain.

From my grade school days, I’ve learned that we were created to use, to enjoy and to take care God’s creation.  That was one of the first roles He handed to us – way before He created the 10 Commandments or the Golden Rule.

Use.  Enjoy.  Care.

Pray that it is not too late for all of us.


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