Wind blowing against my windows gives me the creeps.  Central Luzon is under the stormy clouds of Ondoy.  I just got home and is taking advantage of the electricity which may be gone in a while once this storm subsides (so that electricians all over could repair the live wires that has been ripped out of their posts due to the strong gusts of wind).

I’m tuned to a blaring News Radio channel right now paging all rescue teams from all over to rescue people who are stranded in their own homes.  People are now staying above the roof of their houses.  Homes are now almost underwater.


Office staff has been told to go home as early as possible.  My mom called me on the phone that I have to get out of the office at that instant.  She kept saying it over and over again so I said I will as soon as I am able to eject myself from my seat.  My mother didn’t laugh at the joke.  When I got to the basement parking, I understood why.  The basement parking was starting to flood.  And so, I didn’t wait for my car to “warm-up”.  I sped off as fast as I can.  I thought I was going to beat the rain and the anticipated floods but I was too late to “eject” from my seat.


While driving, the road floods were getting worse as I get nearer to our village.  I drove through three flooded parts of the road.  I allowed cars to go ahead of me so that they could move the waters to the side and make less flooded way for my vehicle.  I was thankful I wasn’t driving a sedan.  This is my first time to drive through floods.  I was really anxious that my car would just turn off itself in the middle of the road.  But thank goodness, it didn’t.


On my way home, I was able to take videos but wasn’t able to take pictures of really flooded areas since I was the one driving and had to be careful because my auv might just break down in the middle of the road.


I couldn’t go through one flooded part of the road on my way home and so I parked in a Catholic church compound.  I got out of my car to look for somewhere I could buy my late lunch.  After which, I went to the church and saw the saddest bride.  There was a scheduled wedding today in that church and because of the rain, the wedding might have been called off.  I see no groom beside the bride and so I presume that the groom has also been stranded in between flooded areas.  My heart went out to the girl.   The storm “Ondoy” ruined her supposed to be the happiest day of her life.


On their rooftops at this very moment:  Senior citizens, some wheelchair-borne, babies, toddlers, a local starlet (Christine Reyes) and so many more Filipinos.

Rescue inflated boats and “amphibians” couldn’t get through the flood because of the vehicles left behind by their owners parked in the streets.

People are crying at this very minute.

Children and adults alike are found dead due to drowning.

No landslides have been reported yet.

No more electricity in some of the areas.

It’s 4pm and in two hours, it will be dark.


I’m looking outside my window and could see how fierce the winds are right now.  And I could just imagine how those people in their roofs, wet and afraid for their safety.  This is going to be a long night for many of us.  And all I could do is pray for them.


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