A Philanderer’s-Beater

In recent news, a governor has resorted to beating his domestic partner after she has cheated on him over and over again.

Interviews with the governor revealed his “wife” has been caught in the past cheating on her “husband” several times.  He stated in one of his interviews (in Umagang Kay Ganda) that he was not clinging on to the relationship but it was his “wife” who asked to stay with him.  He told the viewers that he saved all her text messages to prove the statement true.

And the most recent incident left her almost dead.

The governor allegedly whipped his “wife” after realizing that she was at it again.

Domestic Violence Victim

Domestic Violence Victim

He complained that he was financially supporting her every whim only to find out that she was spending it on her other lovers.  He caught her at his own home “entertaining” one of her lover.

And as expected of a normal person, something probably snapped.

Once is more than enough.  Catching your partner with someone else a couple of times is more than an insult, it’s an abomination.  Most people, when hurt, would like to go as far as possible from those which (or who) hurt them.  Some use force to hurt those which (or who) hurt them so as to stop it from doing more damage.  But only stupid people would go back and be hurt once more.

The governor has been stupid for a while to let his wife hurt him again and again.  He was asked (stupidly by a reporter) how much did his wife hurt him.  He wasn’t in the place to humor the reporter by answering the question.  Instead, he said that the reporter should experience what he had undergone to know.

It got to the point when he wanted to hurt that of which (or those of who) had hurt him.  But it could never be an excuse to physically hurt someone. It is inhumane to inflict physical damage to another living body no matter what the reason is.  Maybe for self-defense, yes.  But this was not a case of self-defense.  If it was, one hit that could cripple the other party is enough.

Domestic violence is defined as physical abuse that involves two parties wherein there is expected trust and security between them.  I guess his wife already did her part in breaking the code of trust.  Does it justify a rebuttal as brutal as the one her “husband”  inflicted on her?

The defense states it was a crime of passion.  According to the other side, it couldn’t be so because it only applies to married couples.

I came across this statement:

“Although emotional, psychological and financial abuse are not criminal behaviors, they are forms of abuse and can lead to criminal violence.”

Wasn’t the “wife” guilty of emotional abuse to her “husband”?  And wasn’t the husband just reacting to this type of abuse?

I am a woman and I do not think that women should be treated the way he treated his “wife”.  We are not as physically fit to take part in a physical confrontation the way men are.  I’m sure extremist will beg to differ that we are the (physically) weaker sex.

Rachel Tiongson was just physically weaker but did a tremendous amount of emotional damage to her husband.  I am not justifying the act.  I am just saying that the governor’s “wife” should have acted appropriately as a committed mother of his (I believe) three children, if not his wife.

A good mother will not be caught philandering with other men under the same roof that the father of her children resides.

Honestly, if I was her kid, I would get as far away from her as possible.  I would avoid her like the plague that she is.  I would not wish to be related to her.  Even though I know she doesn’t deserve to be physically beaten, I think she deserves something more drastic than that.  Take away what has been given to her – her children (along with their trust, respect and love), her material belongings and all the things that she enjoys.

She is ill-mannered and she turned her husband ill-mannered as well.

Many would probably hate me for seemingly taking the side of the wife-beater.  But they would be seemingly wrong to do so because I would not take any of their sides.  They are both in the wrong.


4 Responses to “A Philanderer’s-Beater”

  1. I believe that all the things you said was true, she MUST also be punished for the emotional, psychological and financial abuse that she inflicted on her domestic partner. I also HATE women who cheats on their partner, after all the support and love you’ve given to them they still have the nerve to cheat on their partner. Both of them committed a mistake, the story shouldn’t be one sided.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      I’m no fan of cheaters as well. Hence, I don’t think Chavit is the only one to blame. I think the best punishment for this woman is to demand for her to return in monetary value all the things (tangible and intangible) that Chavit (her partner) has given her. Monetary… no more, no less.

  2. […] revealed his “wife” has been caught in the past cheating on her “husband” several … Click for more Published: September 21, 2009 « Previous Post Next Post […]

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