Heart Over Mind

A high school classmate declared that I let my heart rule my mind.  She said the my decisions will be mostly based on what I feel is right instead of what I think is right.  According to her, emotions would probably dominate my perspective on everything.

She gathered all of this after she asked me to place my hands together.

Left Over Right ERGO Heart Over Mind

Left Over Right ERGO Heart Over Mind

And when your left thumb ends over the right, then your heart rules.  Your mind rules when the right is on top.

(RE: Picture above – ewe! my ugly stubby fingers)

When I think about this right now, even if I didn’t believe it back then, I find it less than amusing that it somehow became true.  I’ve always thought that I’m that kind of woman who could be proud to say that I’m in control of my emotions.  Unfortunately, without bias and with a lot of shame, I can say I have to give effort in order to be objective.

I like writing down almost everything.  It is like my ultimate compulsion.  Every step and every plan and every project I want to undertake is written down.  I want to see everything in writing.

When I write down what I want or how I feel about something or someone, I somehow become detached to myself and then, I am capable to have a different perspective hence, less subjectivity.

If I’m out of pen and paper, I’m at high risk of poor judgment.

I’m not entirely blind to facts but I do have an inclination for the intangible aspects of circumstances.

But wait, there’s more.  =)

I write with my right hand hence, my left brain takes part in the domination of my being.  Left brain is in charge of logical, rational and analytical thinking.  Does this mean to say that it somehow balances my “left thumb” rule?   Hopefully it does because I don’t want to go through life that my heart a.k.a. my emotions are the only one responsible for my reasons for doing the things that I do.

The way I “feel” about what’s good and bad does not make ensure my knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.


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