Busy Sunday

This morning, I decided to stay in the house the whole day.  Even if my brother entered my room and asked me if I was going to join them for the 8:30am mass, I said no and tried to get some more sleep.  But then, I couldn’t get back to sleep so I went down to join the breakfast.  I joined my parents, brother and 2 of our guests (my aunt and my cousin who stayed last night) on the breakfast table.  As I sat down, my mom told me the itinerary for the day.  I told my mom yesterday that I’m planning to stay at home the whole day today and there she was, letting me know where I’m supposed to go today.  So much for making my own plans.

So, the day went like this:

9am: Mass at Christ the King, Greenmeadows Ave.

The celebrant for the 9am mass is pretty impressive.  There are only a few priests who states their homily spontaneously in a style as if it is written beforehand.  It is one of those few homilies where each one in the church is sitting quietly and listening intently to every word.

The message was about husbands and wives.  Even though not all of the church goers could relate with the issue at hand, we were all listening to the priest because he made it our concern.

I haven’t attended mass for a long time.  I am a church goer but I usually go to church when all of the crowd has gone.  I look for peace and quiet when I go to church.  But today, I was happy that I didn’t miss this particular mass or this particular celebrant.

10am: Market, Christ the King

After passing by the Market set in the Parking area of Christ the King, I couldn’t help comparing it in the market in Corinthian Hills where there were not so much people actually visiting and there were limited number of vendors and goods to sell.   Lesson learned: If you were setting up a business, make sure you set it in an area where it is nearby a church.  It may be blasphemous to some since Christ, as said in the Bible, got angry with the vendors selling in the House of His Father.  In the case of the market in Christ the King, it was set up for convenience.  The main purpose of the people who go in that area is to attend the mass and it would only be in passing if they decide to buy something from the market while they were there.

11am: Shop at Shangri-la Mall

My brother and I were supposed to go straight to Megamall to buy the office chairs my mother wanted for the renovated office space.  But then, it was almost lunch time and decided to join my parents and my relatives for lunch. Beforehand, we roamed the floors and shops.  I almost bought a 3K pesos worth of blouse since I really wanted to take something new with me home.  Good thing I decided against it because of the price.  It was too expensive in comparison to what I can really afford.  My mother was going to buy it for me but where is the dignity when I wear that blouse.  You might say, I’m getting too serious or dramatic about a certain blouse.  But it would be better for my pride and my “success” points if I’m wearing something I bought for myself, taken from my own salary.  If I couldn’t afford a home for myself, at least, I could afford my own clothes, right?

My cousin and I passed by Celine while we left my mom and my aunt to sit in the activity area (because mother was starting to feel light-headed from too much walking and looking around).  And there in Celine, I found those affordable, comfortable and decent tops to wear.

I’m still reluctant in pasting my taste of clothes here because others might not agree these are decent enough but what the heck!  To each his/her own, right?

Checkered black and white 3/4 polo

Checkered black and white 3/4 polo

ahehhe! kaya ko kaya isuot ang knitted (net) blouse?

ahehhe! kaya ko kaya isuot ang knitted (net) blouse?

This one's super comfortable!

This one's super comfortable!

Re-usable Earth-Friendly Katcha Shopping Bag

Re-usable Earth-Friendly Katcha Shopping Bag

12pm: Shabu-shabu lunch, Shangri-la Mall

I was complaining when I heard where we were going for lunch.  I just can’t stand another Shabu-shabu meal.  Or so I thought.  Despite the numerous meals I had with the Healthy Shabu shabu restaurant, I found our family lunch satisfying and guilt-free.

3pm: Megamall to meet my sister and baby nephew

Goal is to expose Gab to a lot of people so that he would know that other people exist besides his family.  I was scared that he could contract airborne diseases though.  After buying the office chairs in Dimensions(?), I asked my sister to bring my baby nephew home at once.

4pm: Haircut and hotoil at David’s for Revere(?), Megamall

This problem, very short hair was fixed and underwent hot oil treatment for two hours!  Gosh!  I didn’t think a hair this short could be so hard to manage.

6pm: Lotto Stand for the 100M lottery ticket, Megamall

My aunt, who constantly place bets in the weekly Philippine Lotto, asked us to stop in the Lotto stand.  As soon as I saw the post that the winning ticket could get 100M pesos, I grabbed my own card and jot down my (hopefully) winning numbers.

One set of winning numbers (?!)

One set of winning numbers (?!)

7pm:  Bought UP ticket, Cinema 6, New Eastwood Mall

UP ticket

UP ticket

I was dismayed when the remaining good seats were already taken and all is left are solo seats in random places in the cinema.  We (my aunt, cousin and me) need to sit by ourselves during the movie.

7:30pm: Pasto for dinner, Eastwood grounds

Good company beats bad food although, our dinner in Pasto was far from being bad.  One enjoyable meal because of the conversation going around the table.  Nice change!

9pm: UP movie

Lucky us!  There was this nice young couple who let me take the seat next to my aunt. 

11pm: drove aunt and cousin home

I drove them to the subdivision where I used to live for 20 years before living in this village we live in now (huh?).  Roads were almost empty so I was driving my brother’s car smoothly (and gingerly).

12pm: Shower at home

At last, ending the day with a shower and getting ready for a few more hours of ME time.

1pm onwards: Internet

Few more hours turned 4 hours.  Why am I not asleep yet?  Writing in this blog has became a need for me to finish.


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