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I got out of the house bringing with me all the stuff that I think I need to help me survive the day.  It was Ninoy’s 26th Death Anniversary yesterday but we have to come to work.  Well, I thought I had everything with me but I was rattled when I found out, I forgot my phone.

I don’t have that many correspondence when it comes to text messaging  but still, when I go out there, it’s better to have my phone along with my wallet at hand.

I was somehow calmed with the idea that I brought with me my work pc and the wireless internet connection gadget (I’m not sure what it’s called).  I was expecting heavy traffic because the coding was lifted.

(Note: Government has implemented some 5 years or so ago the “Coding” rule wherein cars with specific ending plate numbers are banned from the main road on specific days.  This led to people buying more cars instead, hoping to get plate numbers that will allow them to go on the road on all days.  Hence, it did not solve traffic congestion altogether.)

So, while on the road, I was still online.  I was thankful that my mother’s driver, Kuya Sergio, was the one driving and allowing us to relax in the backseat.

I just couldn't let go of Facebook

I just couldn't let go of Facebook


Since it was Ninoy Day yesterday, I anticipated that I was going to see a lot of gatherings along EDSA since Filipinos are going to relive the People Power, the ultimate consequence of his murder.  My camera is with me these past few weeks.  Since I was on the road, my pictures were far from acceptable but I will still post them here.

People are starting to gather in EDSA at around 8 in the morning

People are starting to gather in EDSA at around 8 in the morning

If only I could get out of the car and take a better picture ;(

If only I could get out of the car and take a better picture ;(

I was four years old when he died and I have no idea what transpired that day and the reasons behind all of it.  I was seven when People Power happened and still, I didn’t know anything about it.  I’m probably somehow “autistic” since I was so oblivious of what was going around.  All I remembered was I was rooting for Marcos during that time.

At seven, I didn’t see anything wrong with how Marcos was running the country.  I was always feeling safe and free.  My human rights was not invaded by anything at all.  I could play in the streets without anything or anyone troubling me at all.  But that was my world and didn’t know anything better.

Before yesterday, there were trailers of documentaries to be shown on Ninoy Day.  Also, our ride was tuned in to a local AM station to hear what was going on around country, particularly Metro Manila.  There were excerpts of Ninoy’s speech while he was exiled to the U.S. regarding his coming back to his country where his fellow Filipinos who were suffering and who were not enjoying the same freedom he has in the States.

Martial Law.  There were so many things that were not allowed.  People felt that their rights became something that you have to pay for – particularly with your life, according to the documentary.  From what I gather, the right that was mostly trampled upon was freedom of speech.  Radio and television stations were banned from airing except those that are censored by the government themselves.  There were no honest elections according to them.  Martial Law gave Filipinos a life that is restrained.

I honestly think that Marcos was a good leader until he decided that he needed more power over his people.  He was playing God.  Even if he probably meant well in putting up the Martial Law on a country were there were chaos, he should have known that Filipinos don’t want their eyes blindfolded, mouth gagged, or hands tied on their back.

I am sure that I would not fully understand what Ninoy was fighting for until I actually live in a time when Martial Law is implemented – God-forbid this happens.


And now, it’s Noynoy’s turn.  His running for the presidency, according to him, was dependent on a family decision, particularly that of his sisters.  He is one of the politicians who have a clean slate and is probably near perfect to running for the highest seat in the country.  But then, I think he is a reluctant leader of this country.  I don’t want to vote for someone who is not ready and who is having second thoughts about leading this country to freedom of all kinds – oppression and poverty, most of all.  If it is halfheartedly done  then it’s not done at all.

His sister Balsy (check spelling please) was telling in the interview that maybe if everything died down (excuse the pun), when the “excitement” of the present events have taken it’s plateau and people still think that another Aquino could take a stand in the government, that is when their brother, Noynoy should run for the presidency.  She did not want her brother to run just because their parents’ popularity even after death has increased.  She didn’t want the trust of the Filipinos in her brother to be tagged along her parents’ marks in the Philippine history.  She wanted her brother to lead under his own name and capability.


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