Nothing To Show For Today

I have decided that I’m not going to do any work today. Well, I already did so after this moment, I’m not going to look for work. Unless work comes looking for me, I’m not going to do anything at all.

I woke up early this morning. The sunlight that came pouring from the window by my head woke me up along with the sound of the table tennis ball hitting the paddles in the lanai one floor below me. If I turned on the air conditioning in my room, I would still be sound asleep by 9am. When I use the aircon, not only the windows are locked closed but even the blinds, not permitting any light in my room until almost noon.

It did not really matter if I woke up early because I went back to sleep as soon as I looked at the wall clock that said quarter-to-seven. I woke up again an hour after that making me miss the morning news that I usually want to hear while I’m in the bathroom getting ready for work.

Waking up at 8 in the morning did not stop me from opening my PC and logging on to Facebook and continue my Facebook games. Fed my crew at Restaurant City, did my mafia jobs in Mafia Wars and made my pets work in Friends For Sale, the usual waste of time.

While still in the bathroom, my mother told me that I have to accompany her to Santa Clara church to talk to “Mother Superior”. My mom and her friends have been visiting the nun. My mother have been telling me about her and how nice she was and that I have to meet her. So for compliance, I went with her this morning.

We passed by the supermarket to buy half a dozen packs of chocolate drinks and half a dozen cocktail hotdogs which, from what we heard, were “mother superior’s” favorites. We reached Santa Clara at 10am due to heavy traffic. And waited another twenty minutes to see Mother Superior because she was not yet through with her solitude time.

Nuns in Santa Clara church are otherwise known as monks since they live a contemplative life in soltitude. Today was my first time to see a monk from Santa Clara up close. And it was even better since we met the Mother Superior who was surprisingly young in contrast to what I had in mind. And I was telling her this during our conversation.

Let me share her story with you as briefly as I could.

They were 5 children in the family – four girls and a boy. While the youngest was still in her mother’s womb, her mother was praying for a boy. Her mother promised the Lord that she would offer the boy to the Lord if it turned out to be a male. And alas, she was given her first son. While the boy was growing up, he was not showing any inclination to the religious and the mother confided to, now Mother Superior her fear that something bad might happen since she couldn’t keep her promise. This stuck in the mind of Mother Superior.  And she started having the dreams.

One that she can recall vividly is the one where Christ was going after her (in a non-scary kind of way) and she was running away from Him.  She stopped when she reached a stair leading below the ground where she could not see what was there in the end.  Christ rolled up the Bible into a ball and threw it at her.  She looked up and she saw Christ and told Him she would rather go with Him than go down “there”.

It was very interesting that she kept having dreams where Christ was running after her.

She never felt the inclination to join the religious community before that day when her mother confided the problem to her.  And it was after 13 years of having those dreams when she finally joined the convent to start her religious life.

There was more stories that she shared but I was conscious of the time passing by since I was still thinking about work.  After 3 hours in Santa Clara, we finally rode off to the office.

We came to the office past noon and was just in time for lunch break.  I didn’t have that much work for me today but my being late did cause delay in providing funds in one of the branches.  That “little” thing actually did some damage.  I vow from now on that I will never be late past 10AM again.

The office is still under renovation.  If only we could sue the contractor, we would have done it.  But the management is too kind.  Three weeks delay is never a good thing.  Our office has been taken for granted already.  We were suspicious that a bigger project has came their way and has forgotten our little office already.  Anyway, it’s never good to work in an office wherein everything’s upside down – or something like that.

I went home at exactly 5PM when I’m already getting sleepy.  I woke up early for a half day at work but I still felt really tired.  I’m blaming it on the long but interesting conversation with Mother Superior and on the workplace that’s not so conducive for doing work.


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