To Bob Ong: You’re so funny šŸ˜€ I’m a fan!

To the children of Marcos: Salute!

To myself: Make up your mind. Quick!

To Bf: *sigh!

To my mommy: pagaling ka na. Absent ka na lang tomorrow para well-rested the whole day.

To Daddy: I love you very much daddy.

to Gabino: lo-la! say lo-la!

to sister: thanks sa pasalubong!

to yaya analyn: good job! galingan mo pa kay Gab.

To ate rose: Salamat for 5 years of honesty, hardwork, and servitude… sana dito ka na sa amin forever

To Kuya: thanks po sa tulong niyo for more than 10 years na. You have been a great help to this family… hindi na kayo iba sa amin.

To Juan: Bago ka pa lang, and yet we trust you very much šŸ˜€

To Kris: Ang sarap mo magluto. Kainis! Turuan mo naman ako.


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