Corazon Aquino: She Could Have Said “No”

After the death of a former Philippine president, I have been reminded of what happened many years ago that I haven’t fully understand yet and that until now, I may not be able to grasp the full story behind this woman who has been adored by so many even after death.

This woman could have walked away from the responsibility.

This woman could have cared less.

This woman could have fought only for herself.

This woman could have lived only for herself and her family.

This woman could have said “No”.

But instead, she said “Yes” to those who asked for her help in time when she could have been placed in danger against a powerful dictator.  She said “Yes” to people who are complete strangers to her – strangers who have put their trust on her.  She said “Yes” to the burden of leading the Filipino people to Democracy and Freedom once again.

She was the only president that I know who was in that position for a very different reason.  She was not after the power.  She was after freedom.

She did not give the Filipino people freedom, mind you.  Instead, she gave the Filipino the strength to fight for what they deserve.  When she stood there in the middle of the crowd (as I have seen only on television), wearing the bright yellow suit, she is like telling all of us “I’m here, I’m with you and I’m not afraid.”

It may be sacrilegious to say that I compared her with Mother Mary.  I could not help it.  Both of these women could have said “No” and could have gone with their lives without the complications.  But they both said “Yes” no matter how uncertain life would be for them.

And now that she is gone, I may not be able to know the details of what happened years ago.  I may not be able to understand the politics, if there’s any that transpired during her time.  There is one thing that I learned from her.  I could not have known until now that by saying “Yes”, you could be the most selfless person in the world.


2 Responses to “Corazon Aquino: She Could Have Said “No””

  1. Salamat cory sa lahat ng iyong pinama, lalong lalo na sa kalayaang sinimulan ng iyong asawa at iyo namang tinapos.

    baunin mo ang aming tauspusong pasasalamat at pagmamahal.

    Halika ipapasyal kita sa burol niya.

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