One Fine Day

I woke up this morning bored.  Yes, I was instantly bored.  I don’t know why but I sat up in bed and decided that I was already bored.  It’s very unusual for anyone to feel that way but I did.

So I went out of my bedroom and roamed around the house for awhile to see where everyone was and what they were doing.  I woke up a little later than everyone so they were all done with breakfast.

I decided to go to work earlier than planned.  I’m supposed to attend work this coming Monday.  But it seems I ran out of things to do in my very long sabbatical leave.  So, I got into the shower and got dressed for work.  I brought with me an energy drink, iced Sustagen and drank it while driving to work.

So when I entered the office, everyone was happy to see me.  They didn’t know, I was also very happy to be back there.  They were more glad when they saw that I brought with me the payroll.  I’m not sure if they were really happy I was back or they were just happy that I’ve brought with me their two weeks pay but it doesn’t matter.

There was a pile of work waiting for me (or for my mother).  I knew that my parents are still engaged in their meetings that morning with a couple of contractors etc.  I was contented to finish their work for them before we suspend any transaction further during the day.

After lunch, someone bought chocolate cake and ube (yam-flavored) ice cream (one of my favorite flavors).  It was a little celebration after giving birth successfully.  I presume her baby was very healthy.  The sad thing about it was that another staff wasn’t able to give birth this month because she had a problem with pregnancy and the baby died in her womb.  She had to undergo painful labor for nothing.  And had to undergo curettage.

I was sleepy one hour before the time we can actually leave.  I hate it when that happens.  The time slows down even more.  But then a few stomps here and there, I’m awake again.

When I got home, Gabino never fails to make me happy when I get there.  He’s my 1 year old nephew, by the way.  Babies do give happiness to anyone who recognizes their presence.

I was waiting for anyone willing to play table tennis with me.  When my parents came home, we all headed to the lanai to play the new found sport.  We were playing terribly and was getting our work-out from picking up the balls from all over the place rather than from playing the game itself.

After that, I had my dinner while watching the evening news.  And then went up to my room to have my shower and get ready for a night out.

First stop was in Pasto, an Italian restaurant, in El Pueblo.  It was a friend’s birthday.  I met new acquaintances during her intimate celebration.  She served this great thin crust pizza with shrimps and “tahong” (I’m not sure if the right word is mussels), with white cheese and pesto sauce.  Eeeep!  It was so good.  My choice of drink was raspberry iced tea.  After that, she served San Miguel light and I finished only one bottle.

Pizza Bianca At Pesto During my friend's birthday

Pizza Bianca At Pesto During my friend's birthday

I have to say, Pizza Bianca is one healthy pizza.  It’s neither oily nor salty.  I’m coming back there for another round.

Pizza No.2  (Forgot what this is called)

Pizza No.2 (Forgot what this is called)

And then, the funny thing happened.  The birthday celebrant got drunk after four bottles of San Mig Light (take note: Light just means low in calories but not in alcohol level).  She became so talkative and repetitive.  And I was worried because it seemed, with all her words that came out uncontrollably, that she was rather sad than happy.

Nobody Looks Drunk Yet

Birthday Celebration at Pasto, El Pueblo

Birthday Celebration at Pasto, El Pueblo

After her celebration, I drove off to Makati to join my med school buddies.  I wasn’t really looking forward to meet them since we’re already don’t belong to the same circles.  Since I changed my career path, I just thought that I wouldn’t be able to relate to them at all.

Si Paloma, ang taray!

Si Paloma, ang taray!

But good thing, I went ahead and joined them since I’ve missed them and I just didn’t know.  I was so late in coming to Red Box in Greenbelt, that I was able to talk to them around 30 minutes or so.  Everyone had to leave by then because we all have work the following day.

Revalida Group plus Mark and Cat

Revalida Group plus Mark and Cat

In that short span of time, they were able to keep me up to date with what’s new with everyone.  Two is almost graduating in a few months time.  One is studying until the next year when she is going to have her diplomat boards (?), one is joining their family business just like what I’m doing, one already has a girlfriend (and this was news).  And everyone was asking about why I didn’t bring my boyfriend and when I was going to get married.  I told them if I could, then I would do it now.

Also, I talked to two of them (one married and one single) why I was afraid of getting married.  And now they know it was because of financial reason.  I was waiting for both of us to be at least able to afford necessities.  And they both told me, it was not a good reason to hold off a wedding.  Everyone starts with nothing. And after hearing their reasons, I’m more excited to get married sooner than ever before.

By the time I was in my car and getting ready to drive home, I was worried that I was going to get lost in Makati since it was really an unfamiliar area.  Without a map at hand,  I was using my sense of direction which usually does not work well most of the time.  But I got on the road and found the avenue where I’m supposed to go to take me to a more familiar path – EDSA.

It was raining so hard awhile ago while driving and the buses beside me was splashing water all over my windshield so I had to accelerate to go ahead of them.  But then, I was afraid that the multiple big puddles of water on the road would affect my brakes, so I had to slow down.  I was balancing the brakes and the gas pedal in driving during a downpour.

I’m now here at home and it’s almost 4am in the morning.  Goodness!  I still have to go to work tomorrow.  Oh no!  I slept late again.


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