The 5th Horseman: A Book Review

Another “Whodunnit?” work.

“…the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Famine, Death, Pestilence, and War – you know.  But he said the 5th Horseman was Man, and that Man was the most dangerous of all…”

The author has misled both the readers and the heroines who the culprit was by introducing the real murderer in just one chapter of the book. I couldn’t help thinking that the evidence against the real murderer was disregarded and the efforts of the heroine was still directed to someone without evidence of murder at all – well until the end of the book.

Biased readers and heroines themselves, have formed in their mind from the very start who the angel of death was in that fictional hospital. The usual suspect was an easy target.

While reading the book, one question has formed in my mind: Are there really hospitals who do not allow guardians (or the “at most 1 visitor”) to stay and accompany the patient? Even the minors are left to themselves. It’s scary for adults to be sick and confined in a strange place alone, what more if you were a kid?

And also, I didn’t know nurse assistants could administer medications. Here in my country only the certified RNs could do that along with the doctors themselves who prescribed the meds. If you ask me, there are a lot of jobs designated to those who shouldn’t be handling things as critical as medications.

All in all, I enjoyed being wrong about my assumptions at the end of the book. Well, not entirely. The “usual” suspect has done something really stupid to get him into real big trouble.

Read the book… maybe you can form a better review ;D For me, it’s just either good or bad. And this one was good.


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