Funny Filipino Flick

I’m currently watching ONE NIGHT ONLY in Cinema One (Filipino Cable Channel).  It’s an adult comedy film.  And it was done with taste.

There are a number of couples in this flick.

A woman from the province who was coerced by an actor who was married and have three kids to join him in a motel to do the deed.  It took hours for the actor to persuade the modest woman to get out of the bathroom to join him in bed.  After one round, they had to do it again and again because the woman turned out to be insatiable.  And the actor was so tired to get out of the bed because he said, he was dead tired from being used by the girl.

I didn’t know there was a rule in local motels (or maybe it’s just in the movie) that states only couples that consisted of a man and a woman is allowed to enter motels.  So gay couples aren’t allowed.

There were two gay couples: one male pair, one female pair.  So to get in, the homosexuals (lesbian and gay) paired up in the car, while their bisexual partners came together via taxi.  The problem was the taxi came first while the lesbian and gay had car trouble.  So, the bisexual man and woman was stuck together in a room by themselves.  Note: The bisexuals were just coerced by their gay partners.  And was happy to get away from their partners.

And then, there’s the jerk who was doing two women in the same motel in different rooms.  He accidentally sent the message of where to meet him to one woman when he meant it for the other.

And then, an even bigger jerk was the congressman who was picking up women in the streets and taking them to the motel.  That night he died of whatever.  It was unrealistic because he died with a smile plastered all over his face.  No deed was done.  The public official didn’t get anything at all.  He was then found dead in the motel including his daughter who had been with the first jerk mentioned.

I never thought a film like that could be so enjoyable.

One Night Only Movie Poster


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