Visiting Bangkok

A year ago, I had the chance to visit Bangkok with my mom and her friends.  They were there for the shopping.  I was there for the food.  It has become a habit of mine to look for new dishes wherever I am and whenever I have the chance.  And Thailand offered one of the best-tasting meals the culinary world has to offer.  The smell, the spices used, the colors in one dish is a total experience by itself.

First night in Bangkok, we joined an hour-ride dinner cruise at Chao Phraya River to which almost all tourist in the city has experienced already.  Their buffet had limited choices in comparison with buffets I had before but it introduced me to more intense flavors.  It was fun to eat anything new.

The view outside the window of the ferryboat(?) was also entertaining enough to stop for a while every time a lighted structure came by.  You could see a palatial structure or temples.  Too bad, I wasn’t able to visit them up close.

Bangkok Dinner Cruise

After I finished my dinner, I went out on the deck.  The one in front was packed with people who were dancing along side a Filipino lady singer who was successfully making people stand up and dance.  My mom and some of her friends came out on the deck too and started dancing.  I’m glad my mother was having fun at that time.  She’s supposed to be or else, we might as well go back home.

I went inside to go to the other end of the cruise ship where the deck was almost empty.  I took the picture above while the ship was going up and down along with the waves, hence, it formed “smudges” on the picture.

While on the deck at the back end of the ship, you would think that the rest of Bangkok was so calm and peaceful, as if everyone has gone to bed already at that time of day.  But once you’re off the ship and back in the streets, you would know otherwise.  In the evening, Thais in Bangkok has just started another part of their days.  Shopping was going on.  And I heard, although I’ve never been there, a lot of interesting shows are going on.  (If I had been to one of those “live” shows, then I have something better to write about Bangkok).

One of the most interesting mall experience during that first-ever visit in Bangkok was when I approached one of the prettiest women I have ever seen only to find out she was a man.  The deep voice ruined the beautiful get up.  I was in their Paragon Mall near our hotel with my mother and I had to ask this “lady” about something (that I already forgot what it was).  I was so fascinated how perfectly “she” had placed her make-up (since I don’t really know how), and how smooth her skin was, even in her arms (I’m not really certain if she had placed any make-up on them too).  It was how our celebrities look like in my country.  It would make almost every girl wonder what goop she uses to make a face like hers.

The Tok-Tok experience is a must.  When you see this ride in Bangkok, you would actually get scared to hire one.  It would seem you would never get to where you are going alive.  It’s not because it is made out of thin sheets and tubes of metal but it’s because of the speed.   When you see them in the streets, they run as fast as a minibus, taxi or any four-wheeled vehicle.

It was almost midnight and we were out in the market to do some extra shopping.  My mother wanted to go home earlier since we already felt tired from roaming all around Bangkok during the day.  We felt the streets were not safe for any pedestrian at that time and decided to risk ourselves more by riding the TokTok.  We hired a young man driving an empty TokTok and my mom had to ask that he drives slowly.  So everytime the young man accelerate making the ride jump forward (giving us a little whiplash injury), my mother and I would protest together and has to remind the young man to drive slowly.  Good thing, the young driver did as he was told and had to be given a tip.

Let me add that when we left the night market, we were told that two unsupervised elephants came passing by and surprising only tourist who were not used to them.  Too bad, they didn’t come around earlier for me to see.

Upon packing up our things and leaving the city, we had the trouble of putting everything inside our luggage bags.  So many things you can buy with so little.  And that fact made Bangkok a shopper’s heaven.

It had been more than a year ago and I can’t recall almost all interesting things I encountered in Bangkok.  Next time, I have to write everything down at once.


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