Random Day

I had around 3 hours of sleep for the past 24 hours.  I was knocked out awhile ago while waiting for Restaurant City to load in my PC but then I fought the urge to actually give myself some sleep just to continue playing.  I’m so addicted to anything that reminds me of food.

I missed training class today for MT job because I’m going back and help out in the family business that temporarily ended last day of June this year because of serious family feud.

Well, the other night, my mother went in my room to start a heart-to-heart talk.  And I admitted I wanted to go back to work in the family business.  What can I say?  I love working there.  Even though I’m not that qualified, I do my best.  And so I’m going back on Monday.  I think, the office renovation will be done by that time.
Also, the other night, my mother asked me if I would like to enroll in a culinary school when I have almost zero knowledge about cooking.  I got really excited with the idea, hence, I searched for schools in the area.  But then, I was disappointed because it really cost a lot – more than a year in med school.  It was a ridiculously priced tuition fee for a year of cooking classes.  So, I’m going to propose that I’m going to learn cooking myself at home, but all ingredients that I buy will just be charged to… ulp! mommy.  It doesn’t sound fair for her… but then, so is the tuition fee.

Okay.  So we spent the morning and some time in the afternoon, in Medical City – a local hospital, for a check-up for my hematomas and episodes of palptations, upon the suggestion of my dear mother.  I love my mom.  I thought she went with me in the hospital because she had a doctor’s appointment.  But then, she was there to accompany me.  Well, I guess we both missed each other.  For the past month, I was nowhere to be seen in this house since I lock myself up in my room to avoid them all (because of the ongoing feud).  But after she approached me the other night to ask how I’ve been doing (Wasn’t I supposed to do that and not her? tsk! I’m a bad daughter, I know), we’re back to how we are.  I do hope it’s going to last longer, or hopefully forever.  But then, I’m about to make the “biggest mistake” in the near future, and I’m sure I’m going to break their hearts again.  Too bad, I kinda like this peace and harmonious relationship we have right now.


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