Flashy but definitely not trashy

I usually buy bags with classic design – both high-end or low-end brands.   But this one is a lot more special because it’s not usually the kind of bag I use.  First off, the glossy gold leather (yep! it is leather) stands out.  The color combination are all complementary to each other that you can see each one of them.  My get-ups are never to stand out.  I want to blend in but this bag wouldn’t allow it.  Well, the bag gets a lot of compliments than the owner herself.

It is small as it looks like in the picture but mind you, it has a bigger compartment than what it seems to have.  I could even place a small paperback inside.

This is Philippine-made and people who notice it thought it was one of those imported goods.  But I’m always ready to correct them and proud to say it is locally-made.  There is this feeling of pride.  I was really happy about this bag creation.  It wasn’t cheap (in relation to my meager budget) but it was worth it.  I do hope that Filipinos make a lot of quality products like these.


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